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Webster’s Corners is a delightful neighborhood located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Webster’s Corners is bisected by Dewdney Trunk Road, which runs east to west through the neighborhood, and lies east of 23rd street, and south of Golden Ears Provincial Park. The community of Albion is to the south of historic Webster’s Corners. James Murray Webster, the first postmaster of the area, born in Aberdeen, Scotland, founded Webster’s Corners. Postmaster Webster was known to stand at a small intersection to distribute the mail, hence the name ‘Webster’s Corners’.


Most of the original homes and community buildings in the area were built in the early 1900s.  In addition to this rich history, Webster’s Corners, has many excellent amenities and still retains its small-town charm and allure. Maple Ridge, just minutes away from Webster’s Corners, offers all the shopping, entertainment, and dining residents could desire. Maple Ridge boasts over 600 shops and stores including major malls with some of the most popular retailers. Maple Ridge is home to Valley Fair Mall and Haney Place Mall both popular shopping venues. Downtown Vancouver is just an hour away and Langley, Coquitlam, and Surrey, are less than 30 minutes away. Residents are drawn to Webster’s Corners for its excellent schools, safe streets, easy commute, and its tight-knit community. Young professional appreciate the relaxed pace of the neighborhood and like the short commute to work. The main businesses in Maple RIdge include manufacturing, technology, agriculture, tourism, business and finance, and sales and services.


Condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, and lots upon which to build are all available in the area of Webster's Corners. Condo listing prices start low and climb up to seven figures for  luxury 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom units with over 3,800 square feet of living space. Single-family homes also start at affordable prices, but again, a large and luxurious 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom mansion with more than 10,000 square feet is going to have a significantly higher listing price. Lots have a very broad price range with properties in highly sought-after locations near desirable amenities boasting the highest price tags. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment to see any of our amazing properties in Webster's Corners or any community near Maple Ridge, British Columbia. 

Food of all influences can be found in Maple Ridge. In the downtown area alone, residents can enjoy delicious Asian dishes, Italian specialties and Greek cuisine as well as the casual but inviting pub fare and seafood.



Dewdney Trunk Road is the major through-road for Webster’s Corner’s residents. They can utilize it to access virtually all other parts of Maple Ridge, as well as Coquitlam. It also accesses Golden Ears Way, which leads into Langley and Surrey. Public transportation is available for those who wish to utilize it, in the form of TransLink buses which operate throughout the city. Many amenities, however, are within walking distance of the homes in Webster’s Corners. The Pitt Meadows Regional Airport is minutes away, so it’s convenient for those who need more in-depth travel accommodations.



The city of Maple Ridge offers more than 15 elementary schools and a handful of excellently-rated secondary schools. Residents of Webster’s Corners send their children to Webster’s Corners Elementary School, which feeds into Garibaldi Secondary School. The city also offers private schools and Montessori schools for those who would like a different option. Douglas College, Sprott Shaw College and BCIT are the choices for those who require post-secondary education.



When residents are in the mood to take in some art, many head to the ACT Arts Centre, which is one of the main art-related centres in Maple Ridge. Live shows and performances take place in the centre’s several theatres, and families and individuals can enroll in art classes to explore different mediums in-depth. The Maple Ridge Art Gallery is perfect for checking out the work of local and occasionally, international artists.



If there is anything Maple Creek offers in massive abundance, it is recreational and outdoor activities. Numerous trails and dykes run throughout the city, which are perfect for cycling, hiking and exploring. Below the neighbourhood is Kanaka Creek Regional Park, where individuals can picnic, enjoy the water, and fish. Outside of the neighbourhood, individuals can enjoy the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, and the Golden Ears Provincial Park, both of which are great for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding.



Webster’s Corners is a fantastic neighbourhood for families. The elementary school is located right in the neighbourhood, so most parents have the option of walking their children to and from school each day. Excellent healthcare is located nearby, and the neighbourhood is just minutes away from the best recreation options in Maple Ridge. Young couples and individuals also love the neighbourhood because of the short commute times, peaceful and secluded home areas and yards, and urban-style amenities very close by. All of these benefits are also reasons that investors flock to the area in search of high returns on investments. Overall, Webster’s Corners is a great neighbourhood for virtually anyone, and now is an excellent time to invest in this flourishing community.


Webster’s Corners took its name from its first postmaster – James Murray Webster. The final “s” on “Corners” is significant. In those days, when you were lucky to find even one road going in your direction, a cross-street was a significant find. A person who lived on a jog in the road or on a “dog leg” where the road followed section lines around a 90 degree corner, might find their name applied to a “Corner”. But in order to qualify for “Corners”, you had to have four of them – a full intersection and nothing less. This was a mark of distinction that was not lost on Mr. Webster who was reportedly fond of standing out in the middle of “his” intersection to dispense the mail.


Good farmland along the Dewdney Trunk Road – really little more than a trail – attracted settlers along with small scale logging and milling operations to produce shingle bolts.


The Dewdney Trunk itself was a source of income as constant maintenance was required to keep it passable and later to erect and maintain the power transmission lines from the powerhouse at Ruskin. The hauling and spreading of gravel has been an issue since earliest days.


One of the distinctive elements of Webster’s Corners is its Finnish community.  Arriving first from Sointula in 1905, the community continued to grow and draw in more Finnish newcomers to Canada.  AS there came to be too many people for the restricted land of the commune, it broke up but the community stayed together.  They built the Sampo Hall entirely with volunteer labour in 1915. Today there are still Finnish names to be found around the corners as well as the occasional sauna.

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